dual diagnosis treatment in benton, ar

Dual Diagnosis; How It Should Work

Posted on January 18, 2021

A young child harboring persistent thoughts of suicide could be suffering from gender dysphoria. Henceforth dual diagnosis treatment in benton, ar becomes important and may turn out to be effective. A young child like this is trapped. Perhaps right in the beginning, he or she does not quite understand what is happening. And a year or two later, that child receives no family support. Not that that is entirely the fault of the concerned parent.

Dual diagnosis treatment will of course involve the concerned parent. They may very well be required to sit in some of therapy sessions. What better and more comforting way to slowly but surely introduce them to their child’s unique condition. Once love and acceptance has been achieved, the specialist clinical psychologist can then proceed with the preparation of a roadmap for the child’s inevitable transitioning.

Should the child still be of that age, preparation can be made for the child to be treated with what are known as puberty blockers. This essentially prevents the development of secondary but undesired sexual characteristics. In other words, the young lady is placed in a position to feel comfortable without having to worry about the physical sensations of having male genitalia. The growing child is slowly but surely, but carefully introduced to hormone replacement therapy.

dual diagnosis treatment in benton, ar

Therapy which she will be required to take for the rest of her adult life. At a later stage, she will be introduced to physical surgical procedures that allow her to create a wholly female appearance. She could also be introduced to voice therapy to help her master the female voice. And under the strictest of medical conditions, she can proceed towards what is known as sex reassignment surgery. What dual diagnosis goes on to achieve.